Without creativity,

management is nothing but bureaucracy.

Without creativity,

leadership is nothing but hierarchy.

Wrage/Antwort is a management and business consultancy. Our mission is to work with our clients

to find creative answers to business problems. We believe that creativity should be a part of every aspect of what a company does. And that every company can improve its performance by making its creative assets work for them.

Just in case you are interested in how we think and how we talk, here are a few links to articles, speeches, and videos for you. If you care, do give us a little feedback, or ask for further material. Apart from our work for clients, we love to work in the thought leadership field, and love to think and talk and write about things that move our industry, and those of our clients. And rather than distributing other people’s thoughts and messages, we prefer to create our own.






“Shut Up And Play Your Guitar – Why Creativity Needs To Take Over”

An article on Forbes online explaining why creativity needs to be a major part in business processes today.


“Chances And Challenges Of Change”

A speech by Wrage/Antwort that was held at this year's FESPA World Summit, talking about why there are two sides to change - and why they are both good.


“Wrages Agentur zur Förderung der kreativen Kräfte”

A comprehensive article about the Wrage/Antwort and what the purpose of the company is. Published in March 2013 in "Werbewoche". In German - translation below.


“Wrage’s Agency Boosting Creative Powers”

The English translation of the Werbewoche article above.



At Wrage/Antwort, we value the advice and inspiration of really good friends. So don't consider the following compilation as the usual list of preferred partners - they are much more than that. We have known these people for years, they are close personal friends, and we trust them in everything they do.


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